Postman - A complete API Development Environment

Postman makes API development faster, easier, and better. Postman is the most complete toolchain for API development. The most-used REST client worldwide. Designed from the ground up to support the API developer. Intuitive user interface to send requests, save responses, add tests, and create workflows.

Intro to API documentation

Postman’s API documentation feature allows you to share public or private API documentation, beautifully viewable via a web page.

Postman generates and hosts browser-based API documentation for your collections automatically in real-time. Each collection has a private and public documentation view, generated in real-time using the data synced to our servers. In order to access the private view, click “View in web” in the Postman app or in the “Team Library”. The public view is accessible via the public link, generated when you publish your documentation. This link will be displayed right after your documentation is published, and is also accessible via the “Published” dropdown in the private documentation view.

What gets automatically generated?

Documentation for your API includes the following:

  • Sample requests, and parameter tables, headers, and other metadata
  • Descriptions associated with requests, folders, and collections
  • Generated code snippets in some of the most popular programming languages

Documentation is organized into sections that reflect the structure of your collection, by ordered requests and folders. Descriptions can be customized using Markdown styling with embedded graphics to complement your documentation. GitHub flavored markdown is also supported, so you can even include tables. When including block elements, ensure that you leave an empty line before and after to avoid any rendering issues.

Download the version for MacOS, Windows or Linux at
The Google Chrome browser extension is here

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